Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado was voted ‘Most Beautiful Latina’ for Para Todos magazine. The Latina singer just released her debut spanish album "Mi Plan", and it is heating up the charts. Her first single "Manos al Aire" was an instant hit.

Alberto Gedissman, MD, MMM, FAAP’sInexhaustible combatant in his desire to keep the community healthy, alerting it to epidemics, counseling and advocating or it in order to successfully serve it so that it may continue to evolve normally without great catastrophes... MORE
Letter from the Editor: Silvia Ichar
October is a very symbolic month because it celebrates the Hispanic Heritage Month, recognizing the rich political,....MORE
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Plastics and Children By Dr. Gedissman
Horoscope Section
SCORPIO (October 24 – November 21)
You have a sense that there is something important you are supposed to do, but you are not quite sure what direction to pursue. Take some time to experiment by following  premonitions you feel.
... MORE
Daily we read or hear about the controversy regarding the health effects of plastics. When something falls from our hands and we are near children we feel calmer when it doesn’t break as does glass, therefore avoiding a painful accident, or when we see them playing with something plastic we feel it is safer than metal, glass or other materials. Of course we don’t consider that plastics can be harmful when ingested or when they contaminate the environment... MORE
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